Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hubby Tag

1. What is his name? Benjamin Moroni Burgoon

2. Who eats more? Ben does, except when I am pregnant we argue over the last roll!

3. Who said "I love you" first? Ben did and I followed a day or two later

4. Who is taller? Ben

5. Who is smarter? OK people, this isn't fair to ask me because I truly have NO book smarts AT ALL! Which forces me to say that my husband is smarter than I am. I recently took a silly IQ test on face book (not a real one) and scored an 89, Paris Hilton apparently got a 117! Seriously, history, geography, ya, I'm dumb! In my defense though, I went to 21 different schools from kinder garden until 12 grade! No school was ever on the same page!

6. Who is more sensitive? Me!

7. Who does the laundry? I do, except he does his stinky work clothes! And I despise folding and putting it away so it sits on the couch forever! One time we were folding them together and he thought he was done because he finished all the ones on the couch. So when I told him there were some on the chair still he was like, "Where did those come from?" Ya, those had been there for like a week! He didn't even notice, that's how much Ben helps with laundry!

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Ben does

9. Who pays the bills? Technically I write the bills but Ben brings home the dough so I can!

10. Who cooks more? I do. I LOVE to cook and Ben has actually learned to cook a lot and doesn't mind helping. Oh and he loves to bake.

11. What meals do you cook together? Stuffed shells, desserts, a lot of stuff actually.

12. Who is more stubborn? Ben is! I give in too easy.

13. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? We both do. We never stay mad long.

14. Who has more siblings? Ben does. He has 3 sisters, 1 brother, and 1 step-sister. I have 1 brother and 1 sister. I do actually have step brothers and sisters too but they live in Utah and I don't really know them.

15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? I would say Ben. He always seems to get his way. I don't know when I became such a pushover. I think when he first smiled at me!

16. What do you like to do together? Everything. We love theme parks and the water a lot. we like to travel and snorkel and fish.

17. Who eats more sweets? Ben! Ben! Ben! I find him and Rylan sitting on the couch just eating candy or sweets all the time!

18. Guilty pleasures? He loves anything candy! Really!

19. How did you meet? At a YSA activity in Ellsworth. I think it was a fireside.

20. Who asked out who first? Well, I kind of tricked him into thinking I was going to a dance alone when really I had a few people to go with. He rode with me that night but didn't "officially" ask me out until a week later. As a matter of fact I think it is funny how many of us had to push our husbands to ask us out! I called Ben and said that I wasn't sure if the message on my machine was old or new, (I knew it was old) to have an excuse to call him since it was like 3 or 4 days after the dance and he still hadn't called! Ugh, Men!

21. Who kissed who first? Ben kissed me first. But it took him awhile. Once he did, I couldn't get him to stop! I remember standing on my moms doorstep and having the worst neck aches from kissing for so long!

22. Who proposed? I did, J/K Ben did.

23. His best features? His smile and his eyes! I love his eyes.

24. What is his greatest quality? His ability to forgive and to be understanding. Ben is also one of the most unjudemental people I know. I love that about him because that is my biggest peeve, people who judge.

I tag Happy, Michelle, and Janet!


America said...

Such a cute blog! I didn't know all of that about you and Ben. Congratulations on your pregnancy by the way...that is sooo exciting!

The Less Extreme Couponer said...

Thanks America! hey here is my email:
Can't wait to check out your site! I am only 5 weeks and have been super crampy so I am a little worried. Are you guys still trying?