Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rylan Turns 2

We had such a wonderful time celebrating Rylan's 2nd birthday today! I was hoping to get away with not having a party this year, since he is still young and wouldn't know the difference, but nothing seems to slip by our son unnoticed. Somehow months ago he began talking about birthday parties and so I knew he would absolutely love to have one. So we decided to keep it really small and just have some family over. Rylan was so excited and talked about the party all week! He couldn't wait for his "friends" (as he calls most people, including Ben & I) to come over. They had lots of fun playing outside and inside too. They played in the sandbox, chased bubbles, danced to some music, and played with toys in the bedroom. For dinner we had pizza with bread sticks and salad. It was very yummy! For dessert Ben and I made Rylan a funfetti cake! It wasn't the most spectacular but we had fun and it tasted good too! Rylan actually knew to blow out the candles without us even telling him and he did a really good job too! He got some really cool toys from his friends and family and said, "Wow" as he opened each one! He is very easy to please and was just as impressed with his cards as he was with his toys! I was very proud of him, as I worried whether or not he would show gratitude and use manners as he opened his gifts, but he made a big deal out of every present or card and was sure to say thank you. The party lasted until about 5:30 and when everyone left we allowed Rylan to play with his new toys for a few. Then he got super grouchy! Since the party started at 3:00pm, and he usually naps from about 2-4 now, we skipped nap time today. We got him into his PJ's as he was dosing on his changing table. He was so overtired though that he wouldn't go into bed and insisted on watching, "The Move It Song" (which is actually what he calls Madagascar.) So we tried laying him on the couch but he refused to lay down and only wanted to sit up. Nonetheless, I left to brush my teeth and within five minutes he was out...sitting up! LOL So he ended up going to bed at 6:30! He doesn't usually go until about 8:30 or 9:00 since he naps later and for a few hours. I know he had such a blast and am so thankful to those who came and made Rylan's birthday such a special day! Happy Birthday Rylan and We Love You!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Baby Name

So we have finally decided on a baby name! I am so thrilled because we had Rylan's name picked out before he was even conceived and this time we were stumped! There were so many names that we did like but they were too common for us. (We like names that you don't hear often, but at the same time aren't weird either.) For instance, we really love the name Brayden, but then we came to realize how common it was and decided not to go with it. So like Rylan, which is similar to some common names, such as Dylan, we chose a name that is different and yet still similar to the popular names out there right now. And so without any further adieu, the name we chose is: Hayven Nolan Burgoon
If your wondering, "What in the world is that similar too?" Think like "Hayden" there is really only one letter difference. Your next question is probably, "Why is she trying to make her "different" name sound normal?" Well, I was a little worried about announcing the name because of what others might think. But we came to realize that we REALLY love it and are just gonna go for it! Of course you know the meaning behind Hayven, or more commonly spelled "Haven," and the meaning behind Nolan is "descendant of the famous one." Which I thought was kind of cool because to me I thought of Christ, though I don't believe famous would be quit the word he would prefer for his work, but together the name could mean a safe place for Christ. And that is certainly something I hope our newest family member will always have with him...a safe place for Christ to dwell within his heart. So, we will see you soon Hayven! :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Our Wonderful Husbands

Saturday night I had a baby shower here at our house for my good friend Heather. It was a "Girls Night" shower with a Mexican themed dinner and then we continued the celebration to the movie Twilight afterwards. With 31 ladies here to celebrate, we had a ton of fun! The dinner was so nice and several people brought dishes that made it especially yummy. Michele Richards made Heather a fantastic "castle" cake that said, "Menzie World welcomes baby Reddin to the Happiest Place on Earth." Heather got so many wonderful things for her growing family. It was very interesting having a movie be part of the shower as we had to all dart out to get to the theater. We had 20 of the 31 women go to see the movie! It was such a blast! I just wanted to thank everyone who helped put this together. And I especially wanted to thank all of our husbands for giving their wives the opportunity to join us and for the efforts they made for them. But most of all I wanted to thank my husband. He came home to a house of 30 women darting out the door and a huge mess! (sorry honey) I felt really bad going to the movie. I guess I just missed the clean-up detail of the whole night. Oops! :) So I expected to come home from the movie to this mess but instead walked inside to a house that was completely cleaned! He not only picked up EVERYTHING, he also did the dishes, and cleaned the floors! I was in complete awe, as my husband has actually never been known to do this in our almost 6 years of marriage, and couldn't believe my eyes! It was the greatest gift of the night for me! I was so exhausted and was feeling the affects of my sons cold coming on, so him having done this was such a huge relief. Then the next day he let me sleep in and watched Rylan most of the day while I laid around and even took a nap! I unfortunately have a bad sore throat and cough now. UGH! I am just glad it hit me after the shower and not before. Anyways, thank you to every ones "Honeys" and especially mine! :) xoxo

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fall in Florida

Before I start I have to tell you about the cell phone in Rylan's pocket. Whenever Ben or I get a new phone we take the battery out of our old one and let Rylan have it to play with. So on this morning he was laying on his changing table while I was getting him dressed, to go to Grammies house, while he was pretending to talk to her on his cell phone. When we were done he got down and told Ben, "Pocket Daddy." (He wanted the phone in his pocket.) Ben placed it in his pocket for him and he left that phone there all day and showed it to everybody!

OK, so don't laugh, but here in central Florida the closest thing we get to "fall leaves" are from maple trees. They really just turn brown and fall off of the tree, but hey, they make for great decorations and fun pictures too.

Mommy and RyRy...

And cousin Hailie and Rylan...

We had a lot of fun playing in the leaves and my mom got her yard cleaned up too! You just can't beat that!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Three Boys

We are so thankful that we were able to have another ultrasound! It was such an amazing experience this time, like I remember having with Rylan. The lady was so nice and she took so much time with us and allowed us to watch our little guy moving around and even sucking his thumb! It isn't everyday you get to watch your child in your womb! It truly amazes me that we have that ability. I even gasped a few times, out of pure joy seeing the baby move, and scared the ultrasound tech and Ben. It was an experience I will never forget.

We of course got an imfamous "alien" shot, no ultrasound would be complete without one! I think this was actually Ben's favorite of all of them. His favorite with Rylan was one that made him look like a pirate! Oh, to have the mind of a man.....

We were very excited to get a defenite on the baby's gender this time too. If you are unable to tell, just look at where the little arrow is pointing.

We have both just become smitten with the idea of having two boys. I can't wait to have our new son here and for Rylan to become a big brother. It is such an unbelieveable event, the creation of life, and the bringing your baby into this world, into your home, heart, and life. I am going to have to grow bigger physically in order to carry around my heart that my three boys have filled completely with love.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween 2008

It seems like we celebrated Halloween this year all month long! It was just too much fun! We started off with meeting some friends at the Pumpkin Patch for cute pictures and pumpkin picking! Thanks to the Menzie's we were able to get pictures, as my camera was broken. Here are some of Rylan and their daughter Mattie.

We also took Rylan to Boo @ the Zoo this year. I made him this awesome Boots costume, from Dora the Explorer, and he wouldn't wear it! It took me days. I had really wanted to show off all my hard work at the zoo and was a little disappointed. We ended up just putting him in some shorts and a skull t-shirt. We all had a lot of fun at the zoo and got lots of candy! Rylan caught on to the "trick or treat" thing VERY quickly. :)

Since Rylan wanted nothing to do with his "Boots" costume, I ended up making him a simple cape and belt. They were adorned with the super man symbol and the letter "R." He of course loved his "Super RyRy"costume! Such a boy! He was able to wear his cape to the trunk or treat at our church. We actually crashed the Melbourne Trunk or Treat and then went to the Palm Bay Trunk or Treat the next week! It was a lot of fun and Rylan loved going car to car holding his bucket up for candy. I think he was amazed by the whole thing. It is so exciting having little ones to share the holidays with. To watch their little faces light up and the amazement in their eyes. I loved teaching Rylan about Halloween as it approached. We covered our walls with Halloween arts and crafts. It will be exciting to pull out our "art" each year and I am sure one day we will get a good laugh from them!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Crazy 8's

I was tagged by my friend Dawn, whose answers were probably more interesting than mine :)

8 Things I am obsessed about right now:
1. Heather Menzie's Baby Shower
2. Rylan, Ben & Baby on the Way
3. Maternity clothes
4. Twilight Release
5. Naming our baby
6. Not sleeping well
7. Keeping the house clean
8. Starting Family Home Evening

8 Words or Phrases I use:
1. I love you
2.You Got to Move It...Move it (said while dancing)
4. I am going to count to three....
5. Say please
6. Say thank you
7. What do you say? (after a burp or other bodily function)
8. Group Hug/Kiss

8 TV shows you love to watch:
1. Gossip girl
2. 90210
3. America's Next Top Model
4. Take Home Chef
5. Bringing Home Baby
6. The Hills
7. Dora The Explorer
8. Diego

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Finished Invitations for Heathers Shower
2. Took a Shower
3. Went to Playgroup
4. Gave Rylan a nap
5. Watched some TV
6. Fell asleep w/ Rylan on the couch (after he woke up from his nap)
7. Woke up at 5:30pm in a daze from the doorbell ringing
8. Went up to the church, then McDonalds, which we also had for lunch!

8 Favorite Places to Eat:
1. Island's Fish Grill
2. Melting Pot
3. Olive Garden
4. McDonald's
5. Bluberry Muffin
6. Big Island Burrito
7. Cold Stone
8. Jason's Deli

I tag:
Heather Menzie
Jill Terry
Sarah Markos &
Janet Tobler

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Candy Too!

So tonight we were driving home and asked Rylan what he would like for dinner. He has gotten really good at telling us what he wants and it is often the same, in his own words, "Chickies, French Fries, Ketchup, and Pickles." Since this is the usual response, and often times he doesn't eat it, I turned to him and asked, "Is that really what you want?" And he replied, "Candy too!" Ben and I just cracked up laughing. I know it probably seems awful to many that my 23 month old knows his "french fries" and "candy" so well already, but you have to cut us a little slack as the candy thing is fresh from Halloween. I have no excuse for the fast food thing, I love it myself, so I try to limit us to once a week! :) LOL

Friday, October 31, 2008

Ultrasound Appointment

I am sure many of you would like for me to just get to the point and say the sex of the baby, but your just gonna have to wait, or cheat and scroll down. :) When I scheduled my appointment they sent me to the Palm Bay Community Hospital, which I thought would be nice because it is really close to my house. I should have thought it a little weird though when they said I checked in at the ER, sometimes we just don't see those red flags, ya know! Anyways, the beast of a woman finally called us back, BLADDER FULL....DON'T WANT TO WAIT...HELLLLLLOOOOOOO. She took us down a long hall and barely said two words to us. The whole way Ben and I were both hoping she wouldn't be the one doing our ultrasound. When we got into the room and I realized she would be, I tried to crack some jokes and get her to warm up a bit. She was a little friendlier but was totally confused as to why we were there for our ultrasound as she normally only did ER stuff. I told her that was where they scheduled me and she thought it was because there was something wrong with the baby. I had to explain to her that it was just the normal 18-20 week ultrasound to check the baby, get measurements, and that we were hoping to find out the sex. She was so irritated, it was obvious, but she preceded with the ultrasound getting measurements, etc. The whole time she kept the monitor away so I couldn't see and she wouldn't even talk to us! She kept saying "he" though and so I started thinking if maybe she knew something. As I was totally convinced by my husband that there was no doubt this would be a girl, you can imagine my surprise when I was overcome with a warm feeling that this was a boy! I hadn't even seen the monitor yet, but I knew. Ben was actually positioned where he could see the baby on the monitor the whole time and later told me that he felt like it was a boy the minute he saw the baby. Finally I was able to see the monitor and though the pictures were blurry and the ultrasound tech could not make out the baby's gender, Ben and I both knew. She was eventually able to see between the legs and give us a 90%, no guarantee, that it was a boy. It is very strange because I had warmed up to the idea of having a little girl even though I initially wanted another boy. But I had gotten so many "girl" responses that I was excited maybe it would be a girl. Though I can remember telling people and thinking, "Ya know I just want to hear it is a girl so I can go and buy a dress and then if it turns out to be a boy I really won't care, I just want to buy a little girls outfit!" LOL But immediately I was excited to pull out all (5 tubs) of Rylan's baby clothes and sort through them and started remembering all of my favorite outfits I had for him and could use again! When we got to the car it really hit me and I was terrified (thanks to pregnancy hormones I am able to change emotions very quickly.) I started to get nervous and feeling like I would be replacing Rylan and that I loved him so much I had thought having a little girl would make it easier for me to love her too. (Maybe for people having a bunch of kids they don't think about this, but for someone who only wants 2 it is a little weird.) So I started crying thinking I had replaced Rylan and Ben was trying to ask me what was wrong but I really didn't want to say how I was feeling out loud. Finally I just said, "I don't need another boy to love." Ben turned to me and hugged me and said, "Well, maybe this little boy needed you." Bursts of laughter and joy broke through my tears, to which Ben was totally confused, thanks again pregnancy hormones! Ben began laughing too and then asked why I was laughing. I told him he was right and that I knew that was true and that had been the very feeling I had gotten when I first felt in the ultrasound, having not even seen it yet, that it was a boy. I am so very thrilled to have loved Rylan so much that we have the honor and privilege to be parents again and to feel like we are worthy of having another child of God to love and to have love us. I am so glad that things go differently than we may have had planned and to know that Heavenly Father knows us and our needs better than we do. We have actually scheduled to have another ultrasound on the 10th of November (at 20 weeks) so that maybe we can see the baby better and get better pictures. I am going back to where I had my ultrasound with Rylan. They were awesome! I had the doctors office re-order the measurements and due date too just in case the wacko didn't get that right either! She did say that everything looked good though and my doctor will get those results in a few days. Ben and I are both REALLY looking forward to another ultrasound and a much better experience, with better pictures too! :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Always My Baby

So tonight is the big night that we get to go and see our little one still in the belly and we are both very excited! But before I make a big deal about the new baby and my ultrasound, etc, etc. I wanted to make a post all about Rylan. (I actually saw one on my friend Happy's page about her daughter, and thought how cool!) So here we go:
Rylan has always been a very affectionate little boy. Even when he was a baby he would never want us to put him down, ugh...remembering those days. :) Now he is full of hugs and kisses. My favorite is when he will just run up to me or Ben for no reason and yell, "Mommy or Daddy" and throw himself around our legs and give us a big hug. It is the best thing ever! Every night before bed he asks for a group hug and a group kiss. We love it!
Though Rylan is very much close to Ben and I and always wants to stay close, like we hold hands everywhere,(even walking around the house) he is also very outgoing. He says hi to strangers we pass by and loves when new people come over so he can show them all of his toys. He also loves playing with his friends and asks for them. His BF's right now are Mattie Menzie, Lucious Dahle, Sawyer Graves, and Dahlia Graves. Oh and he loves his cousin Hailie! He always asks me if they are going with us to the park or if they can come over. He loves to play games with other kids. And is usually really good at participating in group activities.
Rylan tends to get bullied by the bigger kids and it really breaks my heart. He is such a sweet little boy and loves to watch the big kids play. I have found though that most bigger kids don't like little kids even standing by them. Rylan has been shoved, pushed, hit and here recently had his foot stomped on. It is so hard as a parent to watch your kid getting bullied all the time and I sometimes wish he were the bully instead because of it. I am hoping we will be able to teach him to defend himself better and when to recognize when another child is not friendly, so we are working on that right now. Of course, Daddy would love to just "handle" the bullies himself. LOL
Rylan impresses us everyday with his intelligence but it hasn't been until recently that I have become completely aware of just how smart he is. Really I thought he was normal until other people and parents have been making remarks to me about his language and his intelligence. I truly have NO idea where he gets it from as Ben and I are not accelerated in any area as far as education goes. As a matter of fact I am probably behind. So Rylan can count to 15 and can recognize any number up to 10. He knows his whole alphabet and can recognize every letter except for (W) and (V). He just started showing and interest in spelling out the words in his books and so I have been working on spelling simple 3 letter words with him. Right now he can spell out loud and recognize "CAT" and "DOG" as words. He knows animals that I don't even know what they are and is probably one of his favorite things to read about, talk about, or pretend to be! His favorite color,he says, is pink. LOL His imagination is starting to really take off and it is so much fun to watch him pretend!
Of course Rylan is a thrill seeker like his parents! He is a terrific climber and loves to jump. He likes to ride the skateboard with Daddy and anything that goes fast! We have a feeling broken bones will be in our future, maybe even sooner than we think. But let's hope not!
As far as food goes, he loves pickles, pizza, fresh fruit and water! He loves candy but really he just likes to walk around with it in his hand. I often find it an hour later uneaten just sitting there and I'll ask him if he's done with it and he says yes. It is kind of cute. I try not to buy anything with corn syrup or sugar in it though. He doesn't really eat any vegetables, but french fries, so I still buy him the stage 2 vegetables, like the sweet potatoes and squash stuff. It is the only ones he will eat. Well, he does like my mashed potatoes too.
Well, I think that about sums it up. I am so excited for him to have a little brother or sister. He loves baby's so much! He always wants to kiss every ones baby he sees. I am hoping he will embrace the role he is about to have as a big brother and we are going to try to do everything we can to make it a positive experience for him. We love you Rylan!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Burgoon II Poll

We will be going to have our ultrasound on Thursday, October 30th @ 6:00pm. So let us know what you think about the babies gender by placing your vote now!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pregnancy Update

So this is actually kind of a boring update really. I just thought I would jot down some stuff though anyways. With Rylan I kept a pregnancy journal and took pictures and measurements EVERY month! With this baby I have taken 1 picture, no measurements, and I have 2 journal entries so far. I feel terrible and can only hope my second child doesn't feel less important by it. I find comfort in thinking that maybe when they are having their second child they may understand. (Hey, whatever makes me feel better...right?!) I have had a pretty easy pregnancy though. Of course I was tired my first trimester but had a HUGE advantage as I was able to nap with my son every day, who takes 3 hour naps! That was an enormous help. I can remember being so exhausted and in pain when I was working and pregnant so I have to say the first trimester was easier this go around. After the tiredness passed I had about a week of headaches and bad indigestion but those have since passed as well. I am now at 17 weeks and have gained a little over 10lbs. I am starting to get a lot of back pain, which I got with Rylan even earlier than this, but luckily I had bought a good maternity back brace when I was pregnant with Rylan so that has helped. I also just started getting some round ligament pain. I forgot how scary that feels, but at least this go round I know what it is. I think any pain during pregnancy kind of freaks you out though even when you know what it is. That is another good thing about a second pregnancy, with Rylan if I felt a pain I would monitor it all day and think about it all the time. Now I feel it and then get so busy I forget about it and by the time I remember it is gone. I go on November 3rd for the BIG ultrasound. (2 weeks away) And I had my Quad screening test today. That test makes me a little nervous. It is amazing though that they are able to do it and detect things so you can prepare for different circumstances should they be there instead of having it be a big surprise when your baby is born. I do plan on taking some more belly pictures soon but Rylan dropped and broke my camera recently so I have to fix that first. (Good excuse, huh?) I can't wait to find out the sex of the baby and even more so to have them here with us. I am so excited for Rylan to be a big brother. We talk about him playing and reading to the baby all the time and he loves to rub my belly and kiss it. I tell him the baby wants to talk to him or play and we'll sit there and "play" with him/her. It is so much fun! Oh, and the baby's movements are getting stronger now. I can feel "it" kicking me. I can't wait for Ben and Rylan to share that with me. I can only imagine Rylan's response to the baby kicking his hand! I'm sure he will think that is pretty funny. I think my nervousness is equal to my excitement which is odd because I wasn't nervous at all about Rylan and then BAM it was llike I was hit by lightening...every day....for a year! :) Seriously, Ben and I are both a little nervous after what we went through with Rylan. Sometimes I wonder if having difficult babies is my punishment for having such wonderful pregnancies. Nah! I just pray everyday that we will have a good, healthy baby that we will be able to enjoy. We loved Rylan, but it was the most difficult thing I have ever been through. At least now Ben and I know we can overcome such a challenge. But I do hope that it doesn't have to be that way this time, at least not for so long. :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

150 Beats Per Minute

We went to the OB today to hear the heartbeat for the first time! It was really awesome. He was able to find it right away. Ben was holding Rylan and told him that it was the babies heartbeat we were hearing and Rylan got the biggest smile on his face. It was so cute. The doctor said there were 150 beats per minute, and that "old wives tales" would say that meant it was a girl. I'm not really a believer in those though because Rylan's heartbeat was really fast, and well, he is definitely a boy! Plus the doctor even said he hasn't found that to be true either. But we are still hoping for a girl and if you ask Ben it IS a girl. If you ask Rylan he will tell you the opposite of whatever you say it is. For instance, on the way home, I said, "Is mommy having a little boy or a girl?" And he said, "A boy!" And so I said, "No, a girl!" But then I said, "OK, Mommy is having a boy." So he said, "No, a girl!" He has been teasing me about this for some time now. It is really cute. So everything else is going very smoothly. It is getting harder to hold Rylan now and I have gained almost 7 lbs so far. I already "look" pregnant and I am only 3 months! My clothes don't fit right and my maternity clothes are all still too big so that is a little annoying, but I had actually bought some larger sizes ( not maternity) when loosing the baby weight with Rylan so I have been able to wear those. My next appointment will be at 17 weeks ( 4wks from now) and then we will be setting up the appointment for the BIG ultrasound! I am very excited and can't wait to find out what we are having!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nickelodeon Hotel

My sister got a room at the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando for my niece Hailie's 10Th birthday and invited us over. We went over Friday afternoon and stayed until Saturday afternoon. We had such a great time! The hotel has two amazing pools with tons of fun for all ages. Rylan especially loved swimming in the pool and playing in the little kids area where they had a little slide. He was so funny going down on his bum, his belly, backward, forward, you name it! He is such a little daredevil! They have lots of characters roaming around the hotel and Friday night we went down to the "mall", it's basically a big food court with some stores and an arcade. Anyways, Blue (the dog) from Blues Clues came up to Rylan while his Papa was holding him and apparently freaked out and hit Blue! I was ordering food and didn't see it, but hey, I was glad if someone got too close he didn't want to he would know what to do. :) The hotel has different things and shows for the kids all day and up until midnight at night! We took Rylan on Saturday morning to a Kinder music class. It was much like our Gymboree classes we do here but with more toys and singing. He loved it and it was a lot of fun for Ben and I too. It is amazing how much bonding you do in those classes. We also took Rylan into the arcade and he had a blast. He loved the Dance Dance Revolution and the best part was that we didn't even have to play the game for him to jump and dance on it! But his favorite game was the one where you roll the ball up the lane and then it hits the bump at the end and goes into a different circle for points (sorry, bad description, but I can't think of the name). Well he loved chucking that ball and often times it went into the other lane. So ultimately Ben and I were the ones scoring points. I forgot how much fun that game can be! We were very grateful to have been invited over and had a really great time. Happy Birthday Hailie & Thank you! :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baby Picasso

So my mom gave Rylan this really cool art set with paints, markers, crayons, etc. We have played with it every single day since we brought it home. He especially loves the paints and, I think, for his first painting he did a pretty darn good job! But I am bias! We have also been attending the art class at Gymboree and I am going to have to start an album with all his creations. It is going to be hard for me because I am NOT a collector and when I think of the years of "art" albums ahead of us I can't help but think I should just throw them away. (Don't worry, I won't, well I did throw away that glittery one the other day, but it was making a HUGE mess in my house!) I guess one day he could show them in a gallery next to his masterpieces! :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

9 Week Ultrasound Photos

Today was our 9 week follow-up ultrasound appointment. I am so happy to report that everything looks great! The baby is about 1 inch long (from rump to head) and has a really good heartbeat! We took Rylan along this time and he did OK. I had told him, "We were going to see the baby today" and he was excited and kept saying, "," but in the middle of the ultrasound he said, "Done!" He is infamous for letting us know when he is "done" with something! So now we won't go back for 4 weeks and at that appointment we will be able to hear the babies heartbeat. I am so thankful and feel so extremely blessed to be able to have two wonderful pregnancies without complications (knock on wood). I never could have imagined having that after 3 years of heartache and pain of trying to conceive with Rylan. I just feel so fortunate and grateful that my pregnancies don't have to be as complicated as my getting pregnant! To anyone who has had trouble, my heart completely goes out to you!!! I have seen such strength and love in the lives of several of my friends who have had difficulties and I am so excited for those who have had success stories and pray diligently for those who need their success story too! I know it is difficult, trust me I remember, to hear sometimes when others are getting what you so badly want. But I also know that you will have a wonderful conception story to tell one day and beautiful children to tell it to, so hang in there and take the opportunity to share in the joy of those around you! Lots of love to everyone!! xoxo

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay Brings Flooding & Fun!

Well the rain finally took a break yesterday, right as Ben took the last sand bag out of the truck! Go figure! But we were very thankful, as were most of the neighbors! It seemed the whole neighborhood came out to enjoy our "river" here in Palm Bay. Rylan had so much fun walking through the water and riding the four wheeler down the streets. People were out paddling surf boards and canoes. We had several people get stuck in the street whose cars were flooded. It was a terrible shame. We were so glad to see some relief from the showers and luckily our street lost the water over night. We hope everyone were as fortunate as us and were able to make it fun.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Have Upgraded Our Home...We're Now Waterfront!!!

Thanks to Tropical Storm Fay we are now able to list our home as "Waterfront." These pictures were taken yesterday afternoon. One of our neighbors, unaware of the flooding, was trying to get home and got stuck! Ben had to go down, as well as a few other neighbors, and push him out of the water, which was above knee level! We also saw a rare and funny moment where a cat went swimming right across the street! We couldn't believe it! It wasn't panicked or anything, it just calmly swam from one side to the other and then got out! Of course some neighborhood kids enjoyed walking through it and a few even went through on their four wheelers. I was very thankful that the rain let up a bit last night so that the water has gone down today but it seems as though it may be on the rise again. Other than that though we have been safe. My Grandmother, who lives in a manufactured home, came to stay with us last night and Rylan has enjoyed having time with her. We hope everyone else has been able to be safe and that the people this storm will soon effect will also be blessed with safety.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Big Debut of Baby Burgoon II

"It" is finally here....well there! We are so happy to announce that our baby is safely implanted and, at 7 weeks, has a great little heart beat! The doctor said that all looks well but wants to perform another ultrasound at 9 weeks, which of course makes me nervous, but I am just going to try and focus on the fact that I get to see my little one again really soon! I have been feeling great. This pregnancy has been very similar to Rylan so far, as I haven't had any sickness, just fatigue. I do suffer for indigestion probably every night and my stomach always feels like I ate something yucky. I was the same way with Rylan though. I am so grateful to Ben that I am able to be home with Rylan, especially being pregnant. What a world of a difference it makes! I am lucky to be able to nap with Rylan and somewhat take breaks. I kept a pregnancy journal with Rylan and at this point I was suffering a lot of back pain and was SO much more tired and I know it was my job! I have never been able to say that being home was easier than working until now! So I am truly grateful to him for working so hard so that I can be home. I will keep you all posted on the next ultrasound and post the pictures...of course! Thanks to everyone for their support and excitement for us! We love you all!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hubby Tag

1. What is his name? Benjamin Moroni Burgoon

2. Who eats more? Ben does, except when I am pregnant we argue over the last roll!

3. Who said "I love you" first? Ben did and I followed a day or two later

4. Who is taller? Ben

5. Who is smarter? OK people, this isn't fair to ask me because I truly have NO book smarts AT ALL! Which forces me to say that my husband is smarter than I am. I recently took a silly IQ test on face book (not a real one) and scored an 89, Paris Hilton apparently got a 117! Seriously, history, geography, ya, I'm dumb! In my defense though, I went to 21 different schools from kinder garden until 12 grade! No school was ever on the same page!

6. Who is more sensitive? Me!

7. Who does the laundry? I do, except he does his stinky work clothes! And I despise folding and putting it away so it sits on the couch forever! One time we were folding them together and he thought he was done because he finished all the ones on the couch. So when I told him there were some on the chair still he was like, "Where did those come from?" Ya, those had been there for like a week! He didn't even notice, that's how much Ben helps with laundry!

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Ben does

9. Who pays the bills? Technically I write the bills but Ben brings home the dough so I can!

10. Who cooks more? I do. I LOVE to cook and Ben has actually learned to cook a lot and doesn't mind helping. Oh and he loves to bake.

11. What meals do you cook together? Stuffed shells, desserts, a lot of stuff actually.

12. Who is more stubborn? Ben is! I give in too easy.

13. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? We both do. We never stay mad long.

14. Who has more siblings? Ben does. He has 3 sisters, 1 brother, and 1 step-sister. I have 1 brother and 1 sister. I do actually have step brothers and sisters too but they live in Utah and I don't really know them.

15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? I would say Ben. He always seems to get his way. I don't know when I became such a pushover. I think when he first smiled at me!

16. What do you like to do together? Everything. We love theme parks and the water a lot. we like to travel and snorkel and fish.

17. Who eats more sweets? Ben! Ben! Ben! I find him and Rylan sitting on the couch just eating candy or sweets all the time!

18. Guilty pleasures? He loves anything candy! Really!

19. How did you meet? At a YSA activity in Ellsworth. I think it was a fireside.

20. Who asked out who first? Well, I kind of tricked him into thinking I was going to a dance alone when really I had a few people to go with. He rode with me that night but didn't "officially" ask me out until a week later. As a matter of fact I think it is funny how many of us had to push our husbands to ask us out! I called Ben and said that I wasn't sure if the message on my machine was old or new, (I knew it was old) to have an excuse to call him since it was like 3 or 4 days after the dance and he still hadn't called! Ugh, Men!

21. Who kissed who first? Ben kissed me first. But it took him awhile. Once he did, I couldn't get him to stop! I remember standing on my moms doorstep and having the worst neck aches from kissing for so long!

22. Who proposed? I did, J/K Ben did.

23. His best features? His smile and his eyes! I love his eyes.

24. What is his greatest quality? His ability to forgive and to be understanding. Ben is also one of the most unjudemental people I know. I love that about him because that is my biggest peeve, people who judge.

I tag Happy, Michelle, and Janet!

Look at that belly...I'm only 5 weeks!!!

I started my pregnancy journal for our new baby and I like to take a picture each month and record my weight and measurements. I did this with Rylan and I love going back and watching my belly grow and reading all the fun stuff. It is especially helpful now that I am pregnant again too. I knew my belly looked "bloated" but I had no idea how much until I saw the pictures! I really haven't been eating much more than usual but I have gained a few pounds already! I gained 63 lbs. with Rylan and though I am not one who cares AT ALL about my weight, especially when pregnant, I do think it was a bit hard on my little bones carrying around so much weight towards the end there. So I am hpoing to not get SO big this time, but like I said, I probably won't do anything to stop it cause I like to give in to my desire to eat more than I care about how it will make me look or feel! :) At least Rylan loves my belly! I've been explaining to him there is a baby in there and he loves to kiss the baby! He kisses my belly everyday. The other day he lifted his shirt and instead of saying, "belly" he said, "baby." So I don't think he has quite grasped it yet but we are working on it! For now though I guess he is gonna have a baby too.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Best Birthday Present Ever!

So we got home Sunday afternoon, being that it was my birthday I wasn't sure if I should take a pregnancy test or not. I mean let's face it, I have "thought" and "felt" pregnant many times and wasn't. So although it would make for a good day to find out I was pregnant it would also make for a bad day to find out if I wasn't. All weekend though I was starting to "feel" pregnant and even went as far to say that I thought I was! (Which I know better NOT to do, and anybody who has ever had trouble conceiving will understand what I am talking about.) But being that I am never one to wait for anything I decided to go ahead and take the test. Now mind you this decision really didn't take long being that Ben was still unloading the car when I did it! Right away there were two lines but since I was only on day 28 of my cycle, (if any man reads this he is going to be like, "What is she talking about?") anyways, one line was much lighter than the other, but I knew that didn't really matter, if there was a line at all, your pregnant! I had Rylan bring the test to Ben and he was a little confused by the light line but I told him it meant YES! We were both SO happy. It took us so long with Rylan and I knew with him that I needed to explore more medically to get pregnant. But this time I KNEW we would be able to get pregnant and I was so thrilled to have done it the second month we tried! I know, it's SO irritating to hear that when you have been trying a long time, so please forgive me for saying so, I just feel like I deserve to say it since I paid my dues the first go round. I guess I forgot to mention that I had been on the Clomid for 2 months and was having a lot of trouble with it. My doctor suggested that I may need surgery again but I didn't feel that was necessary this time so I decided to see the acupuncturist again. It is so weird b/c the month I got pregnant with Rylan I was on Clomid and got acupuncture for the first time. So to get pregnant again the first month with acupuncture just amazed us both. I really attribute our success though to the Lord! I am so thankful to have the gospel in my life and to be able to have the spirit to prompt me in the things I should do. It has certainly NEVER failed me! Thanks to everyone for their support again and I love you all!

Family Vacation

Well I wasn't sure our little family vaca was going to happen after the week Rylan had but by Thursday morning he was almost back to normal. So we decided to leave that night for Tampa. Ben's Aunt Shannon and her husband Gene live in Tampa with their two sons, Joe, who is serving a mission in Poland right now, and John who is currently still in High School. They are always so much fun and we were really glad to be able to stay with them. On Friday we took Rylan to the Florida Aquarium which was a lot of fun. They had so many different species of fish and we all enjoyed it very much. That afternoon we took him to the park and it decided to pour down rain the minute we got there. As I mentioned in a previous post, if there is water...Rylan is in it! So sure enough he went to the first puddle he saw and laid right down in it. I was OK with that, it was the part when he started licking the water I had to call it quits! So he ran around, soaked of course, but had a ball! Then on Saturday we went to Busch Gardens and Ben's Aunt's family came with us. Despite the heat we had tons of fun. Ben was really glad to have someone to ride the roller coasters with and Rylan LOVED watching the people on them! We stood under Sheikra for awhile because Rylan was having so much fun saying, "Wwwwwhhhhhhooooooaaaaaa" every time the coaster went by. It was so cute! I avoided the coasters reluctantly just in case I was prego. (Which you will find out more about in my next post.) Rylan really enjoyed seeing all of the animals and Ben and I remembered how much we love Busch Gardens! By the evening we were all pretty tuckered out and enjoyed a quit night at the house. We had such a great time and are so thankful to have shared it with family. Sunday was my birthday and we just headed home, but I came home and received the best birthday present ever...... (to be continued)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Babys Sick :(

So Rylan was super fussy Sunday and by Sunday night had developed a cold. By Monday morning he was running a low grade fever and I gave him some Tylenol, which helped. We spent the day indoors playing and doing arts and crafts. I had forgotten how long a day can be when spent indoors and realized how much Rylan and I both enjoy being entertained elsewhere. But we made the best of it and had fun. Monday night Rylan started running a high fever and I began rotating the Tylenol and Motrin every four hours. I couldn't believe how hot he was! He is SUPER uncooperative when it comes to getting his temp taken so I just tried to get it as long as he'd let me and I never got an accurate reading. To say the least, our night was much longer than our day had been. Then in the morning he became extremely hot and could barely walk. He was stumbling around and his eyes were barely open. I finally forced him to let me take his temp after he started pointing at the tile and telling me there was a "hole" there and he wouldn't step on it! It had risen to 104 degrees even with having rotated the meds all night. At this point I was a wreck and Ben was at work. I quickly got in a timid bath with Rylan and that helped a lot! In the bath he opened his eyes and was talking and everything. Ben came home and we took him to the Dr. She said there is a viral thing going around causing alarming fevers and as long as it didn't get to 105 degrees it was ok! (I just can't believe that, especially after seeing Rylan at 104 degrees and hallucinating!) But anyways, Ben gave him a blessing and within a few minutes he was doing much better. I still haven't been able to kick the fever completely and as of a few minutes ago it was 102 degrees. I would normally freak at that temp but after this morning I am just thankful it isn't any higher! I really hope he feels better soon and have worried about him so much. I never knew how scary being a mom could be! At least for now he is sleeping soundly.