Monday, November 24, 2008

Our Wonderful Husbands

Saturday night I had a baby shower here at our house for my good friend Heather. It was a "Girls Night" shower with a Mexican themed dinner and then we continued the celebration to the movie Twilight afterwards. With 31 ladies here to celebrate, we had a ton of fun! The dinner was so nice and several people brought dishes that made it especially yummy. Michele Richards made Heather a fantastic "castle" cake that said, "Menzie World welcomes baby Reddin to the Happiest Place on Earth." Heather got so many wonderful things for her growing family. It was very interesting having a movie be part of the shower as we had to all dart out to get to the theater. We had 20 of the 31 women go to see the movie! It was such a blast! I just wanted to thank everyone who helped put this together. And I especially wanted to thank all of our husbands for giving their wives the opportunity to join us and for the efforts they made for them. But most of all I wanted to thank my husband. He came home to a house of 30 women darting out the door and a huge mess! (sorry honey) I felt really bad going to the movie. I guess I just missed the clean-up detail of the whole night. Oops! :) So I expected to come home from the movie to this mess but instead walked inside to a house that was completely cleaned! He not only picked up EVERYTHING, he also did the dishes, and cleaned the floors! I was in complete awe, as my husband has actually never been known to do this in our almost 6 years of marriage, and couldn't believe my eyes! It was the greatest gift of the night for me! I was so exhausted and was feeling the affects of my sons cold coming on, so him having done this was such a huge relief. Then the next day he let me sleep in and watched Rylan most of the day while I laid around and even took a nap! I unfortunately have a bad sore throat and cough now. UGH! I am just glad it hit me after the shower and not before. Anyways, thank you to every ones "Honeys" and especially mine! :) xoxo

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fall in Florida

Before I start I have to tell you about the cell phone in Rylan's pocket. Whenever Ben or I get a new phone we take the battery out of our old one and let Rylan have it to play with. So on this morning he was laying on his changing table while I was getting him dressed, to go to Grammies house, while he was pretending to talk to her on his cell phone. When we were done he got down and told Ben, "Pocket Daddy." (He wanted the phone in his pocket.) Ben placed it in his pocket for him and he left that phone there all day and showed it to everybody!

OK, so don't laugh, but here in central Florida the closest thing we get to "fall leaves" are from maple trees. They really just turn brown and fall off of the tree, but hey, they make for great decorations and fun pictures too.

Mommy and RyRy...

And cousin Hailie and Rylan...

We had a lot of fun playing in the leaves and my mom got her yard cleaned up too! You just can't beat that!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Three Boys

We are so thankful that we were able to have another ultrasound! It was such an amazing experience this time, like I remember having with Rylan. The lady was so nice and she took so much time with us and allowed us to watch our little guy moving around and even sucking his thumb! It isn't everyday you get to watch your child in your womb! It truly amazes me that we have that ability. I even gasped a few times, out of pure joy seeing the baby move, and scared the ultrasound tech and Ben. It was an experience I will never forget.

We of course got an imfamous "alien" shot, no ultrasound would be complete without one! I think this was actually Ben's favorite of all of them. His favorite with Rylan was one that made him look like a pirate! Oh, to have the mind of a man.....

We were very excited to get a defenite on the baby's gender this time too. If you are unable to tell, just look at where the little arrow is pointing.

We have both just become smitten with the idea of having two boys. I can't wait to have our new son here and for Rylan to become a big brother. It is such an unbelieveable event, the creation of life, and the bringing your baby into this world, into your home, heart, and life. I am going to have to grow bigger physically in order to carry around my heart that my three boys have filled completely with love.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween 2008

It seems like we celebrated Halloween this year all month long! It was just too much fun! We started off with meeting some friends at the Pumpkin Patch for cute pictures and pumpkin picking! Thanks to the Menzie's we were able to get pictures, as my camera was broken. Here are some of Rylan and their daughter Mattie.

We also took Rylan to Boo @ the Zoo this year. I made him this awesome Boots costume, from Dora the Explorer, and he wouldn't wear it! It took me days. I had really wanted to show off all my hard work at the zoo and was a little disappointed. We ended up just putting him in some shorts and a skull t-shirt. We all had a lot of fun at the zoo and got lots of candy! Rylan caught on to the "trick or treat" thing VERY quickly. :)

Since Rylan wanted nothing to do with his "Boots" costume, I ended up making him a simple cape and belt. They were adorned with the super man symbol and the letter "R." He of course loved his "Super RyRy"costume! Such a boy! He was able to wear his cape to the trunk or treat at our church. We actually crashed the Melbourne Trunk or Treat and then went to the Palm Bay Trunk or Treat the next week! It was a lot of fun and Rylan loved going car to car holding his bucket up for candy. I think he was amazed by the whole thing. It is so exciting having little ones to share the holidays with. To watch their little faces light up and the amazement in their eyes. I loved teaching Rylan about Halloween as it approached. We covered our walls with Halloween arts and crafts. It will be exciting to pull out our "art" each year and I am sure one day we will get a good laugh from them!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Crazy 8's

I was tagged by my friend Dawn, whose answers were probably more interesting than mine :)

8 Things I am obsessed about right now:
1. Heather Menzie's Baby Shower
2. Rylan, Ben & Baby on the Way
3. Maternity clothes
4. Twilight Release
5. Naming our baby
6. Not sleeping well
7. Keeping the house clean
8. Starting Family Home Evening

8 Words or Phrases I use:
1. I love you
2.You Got to Move It...Move it (said while dancing)
4. I am going to count to three....
5. Say please
6. Say thank you
7. What do you say? (after a burp or other bodily function)
8. Group Hug/Kiss

8 TV shows you love to watch:
1. Gossip girl
2. 90210
3. America's Next Top Model
4. Take Home Chef
5. Bringing Home Baby
6. The Hills
7. Dora The Explorer
8. Diego

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Finished Invitations for Heathers Shower
2. Took a Shower
3. Went to Playgroup
4. Gave Rylan a nap
5. Watched some TV
6. Fell asleep w/ Rylan on the couch (after he woke up from his nap)
7. Woke up at 5:30pm in a daze from the doorbell ringing
8. Went up to the church, then McDonalds, which we also had for lunch!

8 Favorite Places to Eat:
1. Island's Fish Grill
2. Melting Pot
3. Olive Garden
4. McDonald's
5. Bluberry Muffin
6. Big Island Burrito
7. Cold Stone
8. Jason's Deli

I tag:
Heather Menzie
Jill Terry
Sarah Markos &
Janet Tobler

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Candy Too!

So tonight we were driving home and asked Rylan what he would like for dinner. He has gotten really good at telling us what he wants and it is often the same, in his own words, "Chickies, French Fries, Ketchup, and Pickles." Since this is the usual response, and often times he doesn't eat it, I turned to him and asked, "Is that really what you want?" And he replied, "Candy too!" Ben and I just cracked up laughing. I know it probably seems awful to many that my 23 month old knows his "french fries" and "candy" so well already, but you have to cut us a little slack as the candy thing is fresh from Halloween. I have no excuse for the fast food thing, I love it myself, so I try to limit us to once a week! :) LOL