Friday, October 31, 2008

Ultrasound Appointment

I am sure many of you would like for me to just get to the point and say the sex of the baby, but your just gonna have to wait, or cheat and scroll down. :) When I scheduled my appointment they sent me to the Palm Bay Community Hospital, which I thought would be nice because it is really close to my house. I should have thought it a little weird though when they said I checked in at the ER, sometimes we just don't see those red flags, ya know! Anyways, the beast of a woman finally called us back, BLADDER FULL....DON'T WANT TO WAIT...HELLLLLLOOOOOOO. She took us down a long hall and barely said two words to us. The whole way Ben and I were both hoping she wouldn't be the one doing our ultrasound. When we got into the room and I realized she would be, I tried to crack some jokes and get her to warm up a bit. She was a little friendlier but was totally confused as to why we were there for our ultrasound as she normally only did ER stuff. I told her that was where they scheduled me and she thought it was because there was something wrong with the baby. I had to explain to her that it was just the normal 18-20 week ultrasound to check the baby, get measurements, and that we were hoping to find out the sex. She was so irritated, it was obvious, but she preceded with the ultrasound getting measurements, etc. The whole time she kept the monitor away so I couldn't see and she wouldn't even talk to us! She kept saying "he" though and so I started thinking if maybe she knew something. As I was totally convinced by my husband that there was no doubt this would be a girl, you can imagine my surprise when I was overcome with a warm feeling that this was a boy! I hadn't even seen the monitor yet, but I knew. Ben was actually positioned where he could see the baby on the monitor the whole time and later told me that he felt like it was a boy the minute he saw the baby. Finally I was able to see the monitor and though the pictures were blurry and the ultrasound tech could not make out the baby's gender, Ben and I both knew. She was eventually able to see between the legs and give us a 90%, no guarantee, that it was a boy. It is very strange because I had warmed up to the idea of having a little girl even though I initially wanted another boy. But I had gotten so many "girl" responses that I was excited maybe it would be a girl. Though I can remember telling people and thinking, "Ya know I just want to hear it is a girl so I can go and buy a dress and then if it turns out to be a boy I really won't care, I just want to buy a little girls outfit!" LOL But immediately I was excited to pull out all (5 tubs) of Rylan's baby clothes and sort through them and started remembering all of my favorite outfits I had for him and could use again! When we got to the car it really hit me and I was terrified (thanks to pregnancy hormones I am able to change emotions very quickly.) I started to get nervous and feeling like I would be replacing Rylan and that I loved him so much I had thought having a little girl would make it easier for me to love her too. (Maybe for people having a bunch of kids they don't think about this, but for someone who only wants 2 it is a little weird.) So I started crying thinking I had replaced Rylan and Ben was trying to ask me what was wrong but I really didn't want to say how I was feeling out loud. Finally I just said, "I don't need another boy to love." Ben turned to me and hugged me and said, "Well, maybe this little boy needed you." Bursts of laughter and joy broke through my tears, to which Ben was totally confused, thanks again pregnancy hormones! Ben began laughing too and then asked why I was laughing. I told him he was right and that I knew that was true and that had been the very feeling I had gotten when I first felt in the ultrasound, having not even seen it yet, that it was a boy. I am so very thrilled to have loved Rylan so much that we have the honor and privilege to be parents again and to feel like we are worthy of having another child of God to love and to have love us. I am so glad that things go differently than we may have had planned and to know that Heavenly Father knows us and our needs better than we do. We have actually scheduled to have another ultrasound on the 10th of November (at 20 weeks) so that maybe we can see the baby better and get better pictures. I am going back to where I had my ultrasound with Rylan. They were awesome! I had the doctors office re-order the measurements and due date too just in case the wacko didn't get that right either! She did say that everything looked good though and my doctor will get those results in a few days. Ben and I are both REALLY looking forward to another ultrasound and a much better experience, with better pictures too! :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Always My Baby

So tonight is the big night that we get to go and see our little one still in the belly and we are both very excited! But before I make a big deal about the new baby and my ultrasound, etc, etc. I wanted to make a post all about Rylan. (I actually saw one on my friend Happy's page about her daughter, and thought how cool!) So here we go:
Rylan has always been a very affectionate little boy. Even when he was a baby he would never want us to put him down, ugh...remembering those days. :) Now he is full of hugs and kisses. My favorite is when he will just run up to me or Ben for no reason and yell, "Mommy or Daddy" and throw himself around our legs and give us a big hug. It is the best thing ever! Every night before bed he asks for a group hug and a group kiss. We love it!
Though Rylan is very much close to Ben and I and always wants to stay close, like we hold hands everywhere,(even walking around the house) he is also very outgoing. He says hi to strangers we pass by and loves when new people come over so he can show them all of his toys. He also loves playing with his friends and asks for them. His BF's right now are Mattie Menzie, Lucious Dahle, Sawyer Graves, and Dahlia Graves. Oh and he loves his cousin Hailie! He always asks me if they are going with us to the park or if they can come over. He loves to play games with other kids. And is usually really good at participating in group activities.
Rylan tends to get bullied by the bigger kids and it really breaks my heart. He is such a sweet little boy and loves to watch the big kids play. I have found though that most bigger kids don't like little kids even standing by them. Rylan has been shoved, pushed, hit and here recently had his foot stomped on. It is so hard as a parent to watch your kid getting bullied all the time and I sometimes wish he were the bully instead because of it. I am hoping we will be able to teach him to defend himself better and when to recognize when another child is not friendly, so we are working on that right now. Of course, Daddy would love to just "handle" the bullies himself. LOL
Rylan impresses us everyday with his intelligence but it hasn't been until recently that I have become completely aware of just how smart he is. Really I thought he was normal until other people and parents have been making remarks to me about his language and his intelligence. I truly have NO idea where he gets it from as Ben and I are not accelerated in any area as far as education goes. As a matter of fact I am probably behind. So Rylan can count to 15 and can recognize any number up to 10. He knows his whole alphabet and can recognize every letter except for (W) and (V). He just started showing and interest in spelling out the words in his books and so I have been working on spelling simple 3 letter words with him. Right now he can spell out loud and recognize "CAT" and "DOG" as words. He knows animals that I don't even know what they are and is probably one of his favorite things to read about, talk about, or pretend to be! His favorite color,he says, is pink. LOL His imagination is starting to really take off and it is so much fun to watch him pretend!
Of course Rylan is a thrill seeker like his parents! He is a terrific climber and loves to jump. He likes to ride the skateboard with Daddy and anything that goes fast! We have a feeling broken bones will be in our future, maybe even sooner than we think. But let's hope not!
As far as food goes, he loves pickles, pizza, fresh fruit and water! He loves candy but really he just likes to walk around with it in his hand. I often find it an hour later uneaten just sitting there and I'll ask him if he's done with it and he says yes. It is kind of cute. I try not to buy anything with corn syrup or sugar in it though. He doesn't really eat any vegetables, but french fries, so I still buy him the stage 2 vegetables, like the sweet potatoes and squash stuff. It is the only ones he will eat. Well, he does like my mashed potatoes too.
Well, I think that about sums it up. I am so excited for him to have a little brother or sister. He loves baby's so much! He always wants to kiss every ones baby he sees. I am hoping he will embrace the role he is about to have as a big brother and we are going to try to do everything we can to make it a positive experience for him. We love you Rylan!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Burgoon II Poll

We will be going to have our ultrasound on Thursday, October 30th @ 6:00pm. So let us know what you think about the babies gender by placing your vote now!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pregnancy Update

So this is actually kind of a boring update really. I just thought I would jot down some stuff though anyways. With Rylan I kept a pregnancy journal and took pictures and measurements EVERY month! With this baby I have taken 1 picture, no measurements, and I have 2 journal entries so far. I feel terrible and can only hope my second child doesn't feel less important by it. I find comfort in thinking that maybe when they are having their second child they may understand. (Hey, whatever makes me feel better...right?!) I have had a pretty easy pregnancy though. Of course I was tired my first trimester but had a HUGE advantage as I was able to nap with my son every day, who takes 3 hour naps! That was an enormous help. I can remember being so exhausted and in pain when I was working and pregnant so I have to say the first trimester was easier this go around. After the tiredness passed I had about a week of headaches and bad indigestion but those have since passed as well. I am now at 17 weeks and have gained a little over 10lbs. I am starting to get a lot of back pain, which I got with Rylan even earlier than this, but luckily I had bought a good maternity back brace when I was pregnant with Rylan so that has helped. I also just started getting some round ligament pain. I forgot how scary that feels, but at least this go round I know what it is. I think any pain during pregnancy kind of freaks you out though even when you know what it is. That is another good thing about a second pregnancy, with Rylan if I felt a pain I would monitor it all day and think about it all the time. Now I feel it and then get so busy I forget about it and by the time I remember it is gone. I go on November 3rd for the BIG ultrasound. (2 weeks away) And I had my Quad screening test today. That test makes me a little nervous. It is amazing though that they are able to do it and detect things so you can prepare for different circumstances should they be there instead of having it be a big surprise when your baby is born. I do plan on taking some more belly pictures soon but Rylan dropped and broke my camera recently so I have to fix that first. (Good excuse, huh?) I can't wait to find out the sex of the baby and even more so to have them here with us. I am so excited for Rylan to be a big brother. We talk about him playing and reading to the baby all the time and he loves to rub my belly and kiss it. I tell him the baby wants to talk to him or play and we'll sit there and "play" with him/her. It is so much fun! Oh, and the baby's movements are getting stronger now. I can feel "it" kicking me. I can't wait for Ben and Rylan to share that with me. I can only imagine Rylan's response to the baby kicking his hand! I'm sure he will think that is pretty funny. I think my nervousness is equal to my excitement which is odd because I wasn't nervous at all about Rylan and then BAM it was llike I was hit by lightening...every day....for a year! :) Seriously, Ben and I are both a little nervous after what we went through with Rylan. Sometimes I wonder if having difficult babies is my punishment for having such wonderful pregnancies. Nah! I just pray everyday that we will have a good, healthy baby that we will be able to enjoy. We loved Rylan, but it was the most difficult thing I have ever been through. At least now Ben and I know we can overcome such a challenge. But I do hope that it doesn't have to be that way this time, at least not for so long. :)