Monday, August 25, 2008

9 Week Ultrasound Photos

Today was our 9 week follow-up ultrasound appointment. I am so happy to report that everything looks great! The baby is about 1 inch long (from rump to head) and has a really good heartbeat! We took Rylan along this time and he did OK. I had told him, "We were going to see the baby today" and he was excited and kept saying, "," but in the middle of the ultrasound he said, "Done!" He is infamous for letting us know when he is "done" with something! So now we won't go back for 4 weeks and at that appointment we will be able to hear the babies heartbeat. I am so thankful and feel so extremely blessed to be able to have two wonderful pregnancies without complications (knock on wood). I never could have imagined having that after 3 years of heartache and pain of trying to conceive with Rylan. I just feel so fortunate and grateful that my pregnancies don't have to be as complicated as my getting pregnant! To anyone who has had trouble, my heart completely goes out to you!!! I have seen such strength and love in the lives of several of my friends who have had difficulties and I am so excited for those who have had success stories and pray diligently for those who need their success story too! I know it is difficult, trust me I remember, to hear sometimes when others are getting what you so badly want. But I also know that you will have a wonderful conception story to tell one day and beautiful children to tell it to, so hang in there and take the opportunity to share in the joy of those around you! Lots of love to everyone!! xoxo

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay Brings Flooding & Fun!

Well the rain finally took a break yesterday, right as Ben took the last sand bag out of the truck! Go figure! But we were very thankful, as were most of the neighbors! It seemed the whole neighborhood came out to enjoy our "river" here in Palm Bay. Rylan had so much fun walking through the water and riding the four wheeler down the streets. People were out paddling surf boards and canoes. We had several people get stuck in the street whose cars were flooded. It was a terrible shame. We were so glad to see some relief from the showers and luckily our street lost the water over night. We hope everyone were as fortunate as us and were able to make it fun.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Have Upgraded Our Home...We're Now Waterfront!!!

Thanks to Tropical Storm Fay we are now able to list our home as "Waterfront." These pictures were taken yesterday afternoon. One of our neighbors, unaware of the flooding, was trying to get home and got stuck! Ben had to go down, as well as a few other neighbors, and push him out of the water, which was above knee level! We also saw a rare and funny moment where a cat went swimming right across the street! We couldn't believe it! It wasn't panicked or anything, it just calmly swam from one side to the other and then got out! Of course some neighborhood kids enjoyed walking through it and a few even went through on their four wheelers. I was very thankful that the rain let up a bit last night so that the water has gone down today but it seems as though it may be on the rise again. Other than that though we have been safe. My Grandmother, who lives in a manufactured home, came to stay with us last night and Rylan has enjoyed having time with her. We hope everyone else has been able to be safe and that the people this storm will soon effect will also be blessed with safety.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Big Debut of Baby Burgoon II

"It" is finally here....well there! We are so happy to announce that our baby is safely implanted and, at 7 weeks, has a great little heart beat! The doctor said that all looks well but wants to perform another ultrasound at 9 weeks, which of course makes me nervous, but I am just going to try and focus on the fact that I get to see my little one again really soon! I have been feeling great. This pregnancy has been very similar to Rylan so far, as I haven't had any sickness, just fatigue. I do suffer for indigestion probably every night and my stomach always feels like I ate something yucky. I was the same way with Rylan though. I am so grateful to Ben that I am able to be home with Rylan, especially being pregnant. What a world of a difference it makes! I am lucky to be able to nap with Rylan and somewhat take breaks. I kept a pregnancy journal with Rylan and at this point I was suffering a lot of back pain and was SO much more tired and I know it was my job! I have never been able to say that being home was easier than working until now! So I am truly grateful to him for working so hard so that I can be home. I will keep you all posted on the next ultrasound and post the pictures...of course! Thanks to everyone for their support and excitement for us! We love you all!