Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Have Upgraded Our Home...We're Now Waterfront!!!

Thanks to Tropical Storm Fay we are now able to list our home as "Waterfront." These pictures were taken yesterday afternoon. One of our neighbors, unaware of the flooding, was trying to get home and got stuck! Ben had to go down, as well as a few other neighbors, and push him out of the water, which was above knee level! We also saw a rare and funny moment where a cat went swimming right across the street! We couldn't believe it! It wasn't panicked or anything, it just calmly swam from one side to the other and then got out! Of course some neighborhood kids enjoyed walking through it and a few even went through on their four wheelers. I was very thankful that the rain let up a bit last night so that the water has gone down today but it seems as though it may be on the rise again. Other than that though we have been safe. My Grandmother, who lives in a manufactured home, came to stay with us last night and Rylan has enjoyed having time with her. We hope everyone else has been able to be safe and that the people this storm will soon effect will also be blessed with safety.

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