Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Could Not Ask For More

I am lovin my new "mommy do" and was inspired by Carley Rice to share my photos too. (Even though I did already send out a mass e-mail with the big announcement a few weeks ago) But hey, I am gonna be thirty next month and I am SO excited and I feel more beautiful than ever, and I don't mean just physically, I mean in every way possible. Turning thirty brings such an empowering feeling to your life, well, for me anyways. In Sunday school they asked who would want to go back 10 years from now and live it again? I was so surprised at how many people would! I am so happy to be here right now, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! It's like Sarah Evans said,"Right here in this moment is right where I am meant to be...it's all I have waited for, and I could not ask for more."

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Baby, don't worry,
about a ting,
cause every little ting
is gonna be alright!

Poo Poo Mama, Poo Poo!

So most days Rylan wants to shower with me which is fine because we have a nice walk-in and there's room for him to play. But it is what happens after the shower that I am going to have to re-think. Typically I would get out, dry off, and then get him out and dry him off. But here lately he runs from me and so I dry him off the best I can and then off he goes running bare bummed through the house. So I go back to the bathroom and try to make myself decent enough to wander the house myself so I can get him dressed, only today he came running to me first, "Poo poo mama, poo poo!" I thought oh crap, literally, that's not gonna be fun to clean up. Only when he arrived to me he was just covered with wet stuff. So I told him to show me the "poo poo." He brought me out to his play area where he had actually "peed" not "pooped" and when he peed it ricochet off of a Tupperware tub full of matchbox cars and then sprayed him from head to toe! I couldn't help but laugh. I threw a towel on it, which I think is still there, oops, and cleaned him off with a wet wipe.(Who new I would ever be so laid back) Needless to say, I truly need a better game plan post shower time.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rylan & Dada @ Swim Lessons

Rylan has been having a great time this spring/summer with his swim lessons. We have been doing them since April now and he has shown much improvement since then. His favorite part is still the "free play" at the end and he refuses to float on his back but he is warming up to the noodle and amazes me at how well he kicks and moves his arms in the water. He loves jumping in and can climb out at the ledge all by himself. We are really proud of him and so happy he loves the water as much as we do!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Those three words pretty much describe our families behavior most of the time. Both Ben and I love the water and Rylan seems to be following suit! We took him to the water park this week and had a blast! He loved the kiddie area that was complete with it's own miniature versions of the wave pool, lazy river, and even 7 water slides! Rylan was brave enough to go down one of the bigger ones all by himself. He went down it twice, and probably would have gone more, but the second go round this huge bucket dumped right on his head as he was going down! I couldn't beieve it. Here I sent my precious little man down the slide and then BOOM! It scared me to death because it was A LOT of water but I had to pretend to be excited about it as not to scare him. Naturally he handled it better than me.

Our Baby Boy Is Born

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Expecting Our First

We are finally pregnant!!! Ben and I never "prevented" having a baby from the beginning of our marriege. After a few years I grew suspicious. Once I finally found a good doctor, and I went through a few to find him, we were on our way to getting some answers. To make a long story short, After rounds of unsuccessful tries with fertility meds I had a procedure done, that I am not even gonna try to spell, but basically they found that both my fallopian tubes were blocked. In January of 2006 I had a laproscopic surgery to unblock my fallopian tubes. The doctor found that most of my reproductive organs were covered with scar tissue, a result of endometriosis. He was able to remove a lot of the scar tissue and unblock one of my tubes. In March of 2006 I went back on the Clomid and also took a try at acupuncture. That was weird, and I am deathly afraid of needles! It took a lot of focusing to get through it! But it was worth it because that month I got pregnant. When Ben came home, and luckily he was around the corner from the house when I took the test, he knew right away. The next day was April fools day so when we called everybody to tell them nobody believed us! It was so funny!


Once married Ben and I lived in a small duplex across from the beach in Indialantic. We loved the location but quickly outgrew the little space. After two years we built a house in NW Palm Bay. Ben worked as a laborer on a framing crew and was working towards getting his Residential Contractors license while I worked as a dental assistant. Things were just perfect. We quickly built a perfect little marriage with a perfect little home, but there was one little thing missing and we both new it. It was time to share our lives with a baby!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

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Our Wedding Story

I thought I would go back and start from the beginning of our "Burgoon Bunch." Ben and I met at a YSA activity in Ellsworth, Florida. After a few persuations and maybe a few small white lies he was mine! :) (I convinced him to ride w/me to a dance because I had no one to go with when really I had several people lined up as backups. Then after he didn't call me for a few days I called him and said I wasn't sure if the message on our answering machine was old or new, of course I did know, it was old.) Hey, my persistence paid off!
Two months later we were engaged and after dating for four months we were married! And they say floos rush in....BORING!!!!