Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ben's Other Love

When Ben isn't spending time with his family or working you can be sure to find him somewhere in the waters of Central Florida! Be it the ocean or river he is always in search of a good wave (I would say perfect wave but I seriously doubt he's looking for that around here) or a nice wake! Pictured above, Ben takes a run at the wakeskate ramp, courtesy of Brad Gilger and Ryan Vorwaller, in the Indian River Lagoon. Rylan shares in his daddy's love of the water and for him, be it the hose, bathtub, or ditch out front, if there's water there HE'S IN IT!


Stephanie said...

Hey, that sounds like my husband! He is always hanging out on the water every chance he gets too. I am glad that Rylan shares Ben's love for the water! Too cute!

The Less Extreme Couponer said...

I know, we are gonna have to take our little ones and meet up at the cable park! That would be SO fun! The boys can wakeskate and we can chit chat w/ the kids! :) Isn't it fun to plan mommy stuff now?!