Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year! I was so excited to get everything out for Christmas so Rylan would have plenty of time to soak it all in and learn about the holiday and really enjoy all that Christmas has to offer. So by the end of Thanksgiving weekend we had all our lights up and tree decorated! It was a lot of fun decorating the tree with Rylan and he put the star on top! Every morning through December he woke up and would say, "Tree!" He must have thought it odd, though exhilarating, to have a live tree in our house.

He also loved helping daddy put the lights up outside! Every time I turned around he was climbing up the ladder to get on the roof. We actually finally let him go up with Ben when we were all done. He thought that was the greatest thing ever! (Not sure what our neighbors thought though, especially since we took this picture with Ben hiding behind Rylan so it looks like there is just a 2 year old sitting on the roof with his crazy mom down below taking pictures!) Hey, we thought it was fun!

Many of our Christmas' past have been spent out of town so we were really looking forward to having a Christmas at home this year. Ben's sister Cora and her Husband Christian, who live in New Jersey, and also his sister Brittney and 7 month old son Cade, who live in North Carolina, all came to stay with us for a week. We had a ton of fun together! We went to the Zoo, park, and for one of our more thrilling activities, we went box sledding at the C54 canal. Rylan thought that was awesome and we have actually even taken him back since then to do it again. But here are some pictures from our box sledding...
Rylan and Daddy
Rylan pauses his sledding for a quick pose with mom

And then he's off again with Uncle Christian...
And back up again with Aunt Eva!

Part of the box sledding crew: "Papa" John Burgoon, Aunt Eva, Aunt Cora, Uncle
Christian, & Cousin Cade

Cousin Cade decided he needed to get in on the action too
Brittney, Cade, and Uncle Ben stop for a photo

Christmas day was more than wonderful! It was so much fun to play "Santa" the night before wrapping all of the gifts and putting together the big toys. We really felt for our parents though, we were all crosseyed by the time we were done and it took Ben, Christian, and Brittney to put together the kitchen we bought for Rylan. (Thanks guys!) Rylan was so excited when he woke up. When I asked him what he hoped Santa had brought him for Christmas he said, "A Polar bear!" Ironically his Aunt Cora & Uncle Christian had gotten him just that! We were very impressed with Rylan's gift opening skills which he mastered with his teeth! My mom and Grandmother came over to join us in the morning for the gift opening and so did Ben's dad and sister Eva. Rylan was such a good sport, I thought, loving every card, book, or toy that he received. And each one received his signature, "Wow" response! LOL
Here are a few pictures of Rylan with some presents he received...

His new Quad bike

He even let Cousin cade go for a quick ride, who I think equally enjoyed it

We also got him a new little baby doll of his own, which actually came from his Mimi who sent a gift card for him (thanks Mimi), so he could start getting used to the idea of being a big brother. He immediately named the baby "Cade" but has since started calling it "Hayven", which is his little brothers name. From the get go he has loved having this little doll and likes to take it everywhere!

Including to hide in his new tent that Grammie got him

We had a wonderful dinner at our house with all the traditional Christmas day sides and Turkey. The food was excellent and we had plenty of left overs for everyone to enjoy the next day. Overall, our Christmas was a very wonderful time. It was great having family here, and I got a little taste of what I might be in for with a new baby on the way!

Here I am practicing, and looking tired too...

Thanks to all of our family who were able to spend the holiday with us and make it such a wonderful time to remember. We love you all and are sure grateful to have you all in our lives!
Thank you to Santa too!


Matthew said...

Christmas 2009? You forgot to blog Easter 2009, 4th of July 2009, Halloween 2009, and Thanksgiving 2009. Didn't you have another kid this year? We feel jipped.

Nathaly said...

Faith, you look gorgeous as always! And that last picture of Rylan is soooo cute!! Yes, life does get crazy with two. Especially two boys. There are a lot of "deep breath" moments, lol, but they also bring so much joy, laughter, adventure, you name it. And you're right...thank goodness they didn't eat it and get drunk off the hand sanitizer!

Janet said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! Rylan looks so handsome in the pictures! How are you feeling?

A and A said...

Rylan is so cute! I love the picture of him just sitting on the roof by himself!

Sarah said...

What a fun time!. I can't get over how much Rylan looks like you. He's getting so big!! when's your baby due??