Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rylan Turns 2

We had such a wonderful time celebrating Rylan's 2nd birthday today! I was hoping to get away with not having a party this year, since he is still young and wouldn't know the difference, but nothing seems to slip by our son unnoticed. Somehow months ago he began talking about birthday parties and so I knew he would absolutely love to have one. So we decided to keep it really small and just have some family over. Rylan was so excited and talked about the party all week! He couldn't wait for his "friends" (as he calls most people, including Ben & I) to come over. They had lots of fun playing outside and inside too. They played in the sandbox, chased bubbles, danced to some music, and played with toys in the bedroom. For dinner we had pizza with bread sticks and salad. It was very yummy! For dessert Ben and I made Rylan a funfetti cake! It wasn't the most spectacular but we had fun and it tasted good too! Rylan actually knew to blow out the candles without us even telling him and he did a really good job too! He got some really cool toys from his friends and family and said, "Wow" as he opened each one! He is very easy to please and was just as impressed with his cards as he was with his toys! I was very proud of him, as I worried whether or not he would show gratitude and use manners as he opened his gifts, but he made a big deal out of every present or card and was sure to say thank you. The party lasted until about 5:30 and when everyone left we allowed Rylan to play with his new toys for a few. Then he got super grouchy! Since the party started at 3:00pm, and he usually naps from about 2-4 now, we skipped nap time today. We got him into his PJ's as he was dosing on his changing table. He was so overtired though that he wouldn't go into bed and insisted on watching, "The Move It Song" (which is actually what he calls Madagascar.) So we tried laying him on the couch but he refused to lay down and only wanted to sit up. Nonetheless, I left to brush my teeth and within five minutes he was out...sitting up! LOL So he ended up going to bed at 6:30! He doesn't usually go until about 8:30 or 9:00 since he naps later and for a few hours. I know he had such a blast and am so thankful to those who came and made Rylan's birthday such a special day! Happy Birthday Rylan and We Love You!


Happy said...

Happy Birthday to your cute little boy!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Rylan! Mattie had a great time at his party yesterday. Glad we were able to celebrate with you guys!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Rylan!! It looks like he had a great time! PS I love your baby boy name :)!