Friday, December 5, 2008

Baby Name

So we have finally decided on a baby name! I am so thrilled because we had Rylan's name picked out before he was even conceived and this time we were stumped! There were so many names that we did like but they were too common for us. (We like names that you don't hear often, but at the same time aren't weird either.) For instance, we really love the name Brayden, but then we came to realize how common it was and decided not to go with it. So like Rylan, which is similar to some common names, such as Dylan, we chose a name that is different and yet still similar to the popular names out there right now. And so without any further adieu, the name we chose is: Hayven Nolan Burgoon
If your wondering, "What in the world is that similar too?" Think like "Hayden" there is really only one letter difference. Your next question is probably, "Why is she trying to make her "different" name sound normal?" Well, I was a little worried about announcing the name because of what others might think. But we came to realize that we REALLY love it and are just gonna go for it! Of course you know the meaning behind Hayven, or more commonly spelled "Haven," and the meaning behind Nolan is "descendant of the famous one." Which I thought was kind of cool because to me I thought of Christ, though I don't believe famous would be quit the word he would prefer for his work, but together the name could mean a safe place for Christ. And that is certainly something I hope our newest family member will always have with him...a safe place for Christ to dwell within his heart. So, we will see you soon Hayven! :)


Happy said...

I LOVE it!!!! That is such a great great name!!! And if we have another boy, his name will be Nolan, so they'll have a little something in common! Isn't it nice to have a name picked out? It took us almost my entire pregnancy to pick out Teya's name, it was such a frustrating thing to not be able to find that perfect name! But then so exciting to find it and know that's who your baby will be!

The Adams Family said...

What a unique and WONDERFUL name. The love, effort and time you put into really thinking about the baby's name is evident. If I were Christ, and sadly I know I am not, I would be flattered that you were thinking of me when picking your child's name. I am really excited to meet Hayven.

Nathaly said...

Hi Faith! I'm glad you found our blog, and even more glad I found yours! Congratulations on baby boy #2! Having two boys will be so much fun. They'll be best buds. Our littlest one, Celo, is 16 months now, and I can see how hard he tries to do everything Diego does. It's so fun to see them finally starting to play together.

Very cool name choice, by the way! Marcelo and I had such a hard time with our second. We didn't decide until we were in the hospital. And now, 16 months later, we still have a hard time with it. We ended up just naming him after his daddy, which is weird because 1) you usually name the first after his daddy and he's the second, and 2) it gets really confusing to have two boys in the house with the same name! All his little cousins nicknamed him "Celo" though, and so far, (even though I'm not the hugest fan) it has stuck! At least that helps us tell the difference.

Heather said...

I love it! It sounds great and it totally fits! We are excited to meet him.