Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rylan & Dada @ Swim Lessons

Rylan has been having a great time this spring/summer with his swim lessons. We have been doing them since April now and he has shown much improvement since then. His favorite part is still the "free play" at the end and he refuses to float on his back but he is warming up to the noodle and amazes me at how well he kicks and moves his arms in the water. He loves jumping in and can climb out at the ledge all by himself. We are really proud of him and so happy he loves the water as much as we do!


Janet & Chad said...

Looks like fun!!Can't wait to teach Violet how to swim!!! Where do you go for swimming lessons?

Heather said...

Yeah love the swim lessons! He is going to keep getting better and better. I'm glad that we get to do them together for a little while longer.