Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Poo Poo Mama, Poo Poo!

So most days Rylan wants to shower with me which is fine because we have a nice walk-in and there's room for him to play. But it is what happens after the shower that I am going to have to re-think. Typically I would get out, dry off, and then get him out and dry him off. But here lately he runs from me and so I dry him off the best I can and then off he goes running bare bummed through the house. So I go back to the bathroom and try to make myself decent enough to wander the house myself so I can get him dressed, only today he came running to me first, "Poo poo mama, poo poo!" I thought oh crap, literally, that's not gonna be fun to clean up. Only when he arrived to me he was just covered with wet stuff. So I told him to show me the "poo poo." He brought me out to his play area where he had actually "peed" not "pooped" and when he peed it ricochet off of a Tupperware tub full of matchbox cars and then sprayed him from head to toe! I couldn't help but laugh. I threw a towel on it, which I think is still there, oops, and cleaned him off with a wet wipe.(Who new I would ever be so laid back) Needless to say, I truly need a better game plan post shower time.


Erin said...

That's hilarious! I hope I am that laid back as well, because that sounds absolutely gross to me!

Carley said...

That is so cute. Glad there wasn't really poo poo.

Michelle said...

Running around the house naked sounds like you have your plan down just fine. Don't change a thing!