Monday, September 22, 2008

150 Beats Per Minute

We went to the OB today to hear the heartbeat for the first time! It was really awesome. He was able to find it right away. Ben was holding Rylan and told him that it was the babies heartbeat we were hearing and Rylan got the biggest smile on his face. It was so cute. The doctor said there were 150 beats per minute, and that "old wives tales" would say that meant it was a girl. I'm not really a believer in those though because Rylan's heartbeat was really fast, and well, he is definitely a boy! Plus the doctor even said he hasn't found that to be true either. But we are still hoping for a girl and if you ask Ben it IS a girl. If you ask Rylan he will tell you the opposite of whatever you say it is. For instance, on the way home, I said, "Is mommy having a little boy or a girl?" And he said, "A boy!" And so I said, "No, a girl!" But then I said, "OK, Mommy is having a boy." So he said, "No, a girl!" He has been teasing me about this for some time now. It is really cute. So everything else is going very smoothly. It is getting harder to hold Rylan now and I have gained almost 7 lbs so far. I already "look" pregnant and I am only 3 months! My clothes don't fit right and my maternity clothes are all still too big so that is a little annoying, but I had actually bought some larger sizes ( not maternity) when loosing the baby weight with Rylan so I have been able to wear those. My next appointment will be at 17 weeks ( 4wks from now) and then we will be setting up the appointment for the BIG ultrasound! I am very excited and can't wait to find out what we are having!


Heather said...

Awesome that you got to hear the heartbeat today! I go to see Dr. McTammany tomorrow for my appt. I can't believe how long its been since I've seen you!

Mattie's heartbeat was super fast, but so was Reddin's at the beginning! It will be fun to find out what you are having. I bet its a girl!

Stephanie said...

Very exciting! Can't wait to see your ultrasound pictures! Our baby's heartbeat was 160 the first time we heard it. Everyone told us we were having a girl, but that's not happening. So, who knows. I hope you get your little girl!

Carley said...

That is so fun to hear the heart beat, now I want an updated pic of the belly.